We loved soaking up the sun and culture in Spain

Here at Da Fonseca Design we truly believe that the best source of inspiration is travel. We encourage all of our designers to explore as many parts of the world as possible and take part in a journey of discovery. Recently, a member of our Interior Architectural Team visited the Basque region in Spain for a fact finding multicultural tour hosted by Obras.

Take a look at what Juhi Sharma got up to…

Our trip kicked off with an architectural tour of Bilbao organized by GA Architects, who are well-known in the local community and also internationally established for their architecture and love for history. They introduced us to the magnificent Guggenheim structure by Frank Ghery, which along with the neighbouring architecture costed 200 million euros. Though the shape is extraordinary it displays the imperfections of such complexity which is beautiful on its own. Bilbao is known for its metallic and glass facades, complex yet intricate in design. It was a sight to see. 

image of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao

On the second day the sun was out, our shades were out, and cameras were out. We set off on our journey towards Hondarriba – famous for its old town and scenic view of the sea, it is where the border of France and Spain meet. After a session of factory visits we had an exhilarating experience sailing through both borders and understanding the rich history behind the connection between Spain and France. We viewed old castles and lighthouses still standing proud as they were before they were taken over by pirates. The water was crystal blue and we learned the sea once used to be a hunting ground for Spanish people targeting Basque whales – now non-existent except for the occasional dolphins. The sea is well known for its tuna which weigh up to over 100 pounds. The cities now are working towards environmentally supporting the marine life, avoiding construction along the coast and further away into the mountains and strengthening fishing rules targeting certain fish species. 
Image of the Spain side of basque

San Sebastian proudly boasts being one of the most Michelin starred Basque towns in Spain. The region is also most popularly known for its pintxos. Being a district that is passionate and celebrates food, they have a culinary arts centre which teaches professional master classes and summer courses for chefs with over 100 nationalities currently training. We had the opportunity to tour the magnificent structure made by IMAR, one of the core suppliers specialising in metal facades with any design possible. The culinary arts centre is cladded with brass metal with perforated design in small circles. Every panel is different and are in big sized sheets giving a cleaner look. 
san sebastian coast

We loved soaking up the sun and culture in Spain – keep up with our journals for details of future research trips.