Interior design trends are drastically different worldwide

When it comes to design, we can be inspired by anything – a piece of music, a film, street art, fashion, architecture. However one of the most influential experiences is travel. Wherever you go in the world you can be influenced by new cultures and experiences, a different way of life and traditional, authentic design.

Interior design trends are drastically different worldwide. How buildings are constructed and the chosen décor is often influenced by the weather, so you wouldn’t expect lavish carpets in a tropical climate. Then there are also traditions and customs followed by different cultures and societies which could have an impact on the way people decorate their homes. If you’re looking for a fresh look, or are bored of the current domestic trends, then go global and let the world inspire you. Here are some examples of international design traits which we love at the moment.

Terra Cotta – The Mediterrean

Nothing quite gives a kitchen or dining room a Mediterranean feel like some terra cotta plates and tableware. The beautiful Spanish pottery instantly provides a warm and welcoming feeling, and these pieces can be used during dinner or purposefully for decoration. The art of terra cotta dates back thousands of years, and can add interest to any room.  Terra cotta will be a trend in 2017 to pair with metallics and leathers, used with dark green colours to inspire.

Middle Eastern Rugs

Image of Turkish Rugs

The decorative patterns of Middle Eastern countries such as Morocco and Turkey, have long demanded international attention, and these stunning rugs are hot right now worldwide. Colourful and rich in texture, a Turkish rug exudes bohemian chic and is the perfect accompaniment to any room.

Persian rugs are also a style staple all over the world, because who wouldn’t love a beautiful silk rug? You’ll almost certainly spot this style in the most exclusive hotels and buildings in places such as Dubai and Doha, but why not add this warmth to your home?

African Elegance

2017 décor is all about nature and wildlife, and where better to be inspired than Africa. Exquisite wallpapers featuring wildlife or animal prints are growing in popularity and these add personality to any wall. Another way to transform your home into the exciting African landscape is with tribal cushions or traditional wares such as Zulu beadwork, woven items or ceramics. Whether you’re going for a colonial look modern tribal style, anything inspired by Africana will be elegant and luxurious.

Are you ready to be inspired by the range of worldwide trends? What better excuse to travel the globe in search of creativity and bring home fresh ideas for your interiors?