The founder of Da Fonseca Design takes us through a typical day at work.


Around 6am start, no fixed time – I have not used an alarm for years, my body clock always wakes me up at the right time. Emails are answered first thing, I then check the BBC News for worldwide happenings and social media updates.

I shower, dress and then head to Pilates, from there to the office.The evening before I have prepared a daily schedule and coordinating lists for all project updates one by one. So then it is straight to the meeting room by 8.30am to strategize for the day with the rest of the design team.

passion led us hereWe go through each project so we have full communication of the current status, what is required of each team member for that day and week. Projects are always at different stages which gives a variety of tasks for each day. Concept Design, Development Design, Technical Design, Procurement, Site Management and Supervision, Logistics through to final installation when the magic wand is waved.


During the course of this, client meetings are paramount, both current and potential, along with supplier meetings, the base and strength of business, together with subcontracts. I believe in developing strong relationships with this triangle of companies who are the circle of trust within my business.

At 5.45pm I try without fail to head for an hour of tango dancing, my source of calmness and exercise. Invariably cancellations are made if meetings are extended unexpectedly, but I do try to stay with this daily dance program. Following this, I sit back down in my study at home and deal with outstanding items from the day that need addressing and have space and time to delve into creative happenings in the world.

In-between this schedule I like to maintain my time with friends that are important, play music whilst cooking something small but special and a glass of heavenly wine. It’s normally a six day week, with Friday off to re-energise. The Autumn Season will be upon us soon so there are lots of design events that I will be attending both here in Dubai and other countries, to keep in touch and discover new items, to be able to keep offering fresh ideas and concepts for our clients.

design is thinking made visual

In course of my profession I have learnt patience is everything, with contractors, suppliers, team, clients. The only one I don’t include is myself. I demand of myself analytical approach to problems, until solutions are found, full commitment to the issues in hand, as well as an inquisitive explorative mind in relation to creativity, new possibilities and growing my business.

No day is A typical. We will follow up with small snapshots of one week very soon; my camera capturing the essence of every moment of every day, so you will see the inspirations, frustrations, successes, and a designer in the spotlight.