Our interior designers have an eye for art – it’s all part of the job to create inspiring and soothing spaces, and artwork can bring a room to life. We love researching local and international artists to see what they can offer our clients. For our Artist in Profile series, we’ve decided to feature one of our favourite Dubai artists who we often order custom art from: Roberto Raad.

The talented artist was born in a war torn Lebanon in 1980, at the height of the civil war. He discovered his love of painting at the age of seven, which began with him sketching on books, writing pads and even the walls of his house and school.

In 1997, Raad returned to Lebanon and worked hard to create a successful showing at the Ramiet al Beyda exhibition in Beirut. Aged just 17, this led to Roberto being featured on LBC, an accolade every artist dreams of.

He moved to Dubai in 2000, seeking to establish his own studio and explore his artistic style further while reaching out for opportunities. Luckily, our Founder and Head Designer Nicola came across his work and has never looked back. Roberto is a well-known artist in the region for good reason, and is often commissioned to create works for public spaces, luxury hotels and prestigious private clients. Striking and thought provoking, his work is often displayed in lobbies and other large spaces as a conversation starter. The custom art pieces we have commissioned for selected clients are always well received and held in high esteem and recognised as a key feature to the areas where they are installed. Loved works of art can be treasured forever.

Contact us for more details about this local artist and find out how we can source art commissions for your project.