At Da Fonseca Design we pay a lot of attention to what is going on in the world of art. Not only do we draw inspiration from art and sculpture as designers, but we always strive to search for striking works to display for our clients’ spaces. This week we’d like to spotlight a very exciting female artist, currently residing in the Caribbean but making waves all over the world.
Naydene Gonnella is a well-established artist living on the island of Antigua since 2004. Born in Canada, she graduated with honors from the OCAD University in Toronto, and Florence, Italy.
Her unique style of contemporary expressionism and stunning colours, blended with pop art and enhanced with a touch of realism combined with her unusual medium of encaustic and mixed media, has attracted the attention of art lovers and collectors from around the globe.
She has won numerous awards and is showcased in many notable galleries from Canada to Europe. Recently, the artist gifted one of her many portraits of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley to his son, Damian Marley, at Antigua Sailing Week.
The subject matter of Naydene’s work varies, from expressionistic portraits to landscapes and nature. Her unique paintings are cross-disciplinary, consisting of mixed media art using acrylic paint, oil paint, wax, copper leaf, silver leaf and gold leaf.
On the heels of her most recent show, Pop-Phiz, a collection of expressionistic portraits, the artist has been invited to exhibit a new collection by GROUPE OFI in Paris this September and October. If you happen to be in the city, we recommend you take a look at Naydene’s intriguing works.
Find out more about Naydene Gonnella and her studio on her website: