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A sparkly Christmas
Da Fonseca Design is celebrating this year's Christmas with a wonderful gift from Crystal Caviar. A hand made beautiful blue bauble speckled with gold frosting and hanging centre stage on our snow tipped Christmas Tree. Crystal Caviar is a renowned international, luxury bohemian lighting and sculpture company based in Czech Republic . We have recently co designed a spectacular contemporary chandelier for an Apartment in Bandar Abbas, Iran .
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Unique furniture design, innovative concrete...
We were recently contracted to redesign a busy and complex office space. We decided upon using an innovative material which was ultra high performance concrete. (UHPC). It has a very high s strength, whilst the micro aggregate concrete provides uniformity and smoothness all over. For larger items, extra strength is added by using glass rebars, which compared to standard steel, ensure the product remains as light as possible. So, with this in mind we set to creating various pieces of furniture, from planters, reception desks, pantry shelves and worktops and the piece de resistance a 10 metre long table of two different levels that works as an informal coffee bar, hot spot meeting area and also a more formal conference section. Its sits within the prime real estate of the office up front and centre stage. Embossed letters of the company name and logo sits alongside the length. A unique piece in the Middle East.
Paddling to new horizons
To reflect our new project of a Yacht in Abu Dhabi this week we took to the high seas. Creating Design only works if you have a Creative Team. As part of our team building initiatives we organise a different activity twice a month to reflect an individuals interest and passion other than design. This week we all went Paddleboarding upon the Arabian sea which fortunately for the novices involved, was lapping gently upon the shores of Jumeirah Beach. Asad the Office Manger led the crew into blue deeper waters with his professional experience and only a few falls ensued combined with a lot of laughter !. We finished the afternoon with dinner and drinks whilst watching the myriad of colours of an Arabian Sunset.